American Formula Aqua Packs Dry Granular Powder - 1 lb.

American Formula Aqua Packs Dry Granular Powder - 1 lb.

Item # 163518

  • A dry granular powder containing enzymes and facultative spore-forming bacteria, packaged in a convenient, easy to use water soluble bag.
  • Certified to be Salmonella free
1 lb., 30/cs
Manufacturers Item #129902

Simply toss the 1 pound bag in grease traps, lagoons, septic tanks, or lift stations, and the package dissolves, releasing billions of bacteria and enzymes into the system.

This product contains hybrid bacteria cultures that have the ability to liquefy and digest complex animal and vegetable oil and grease, protein, cellulose, starch, and sugar.

  • As a powder, this product can be easily stored in its reusable plastic pail without the fear of activity loss.
  • Its cultured bacteria and enzymes are so specific in their action, and function so rapidly, the waste is quickly broken down, reducing BOD, COD levels, and eliminating odors.
  • It does not contain strong acids or alkaline materials.
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