GenEon™ InstaFlow Wall-Mounted Generator

GenEon™ InstaFlow Wall-Mounted Generator

Item # 237351

  • Compact, high-volume electro-chemical activation technology for making cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing solutions on-demand.
  • Construction: Steel case, powder coated
  • Power: 120V/240V/8 amps
  • Volume: 1 - 2.5 gallons; Sanitizing Range: 5pH - 7.5pH
Manufacturers Item #INT01

InstaFlow device, 3 catalyst tanks, all hose connectors, 1 back-flow preventer. One device. Three solutions. InstaFlow. Solutions from GenEon Technologies innovative line of products allow you to clean, degrease and sanitize without any toxicity or breaking the bank.


GenEon Technologies' line of Electro-Chemical Activated (ECA) technology creates value by allowing users to easily produce safe, sustainable and budget-friendly cleaners, degreasers and sanitizers using the proven science of ECA, originally discovered by

  • GenEon has perfected the blended stream ECA technology to build a user friendly unit that generates 1 to 2.5 gallon of solution each minute, and can be customized for a higher flow rate.
  • Suitable for medium- and larger-sized companies.


  • Technology: Blended-stream electro-chemical activation technology
  • Cleaning/Degreasing Range: 9pH - 11.9pH
  • Production (FAC): 50 ppm to 198 ppm
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