The Original FatIvan® w/Magnets - Green

The Original FatIvan® w/Magnets - Green

Item # 251140

  • Keep that door open with FatIvan[R] heavy duty door stoppers! Works in a snap! Magnetized for convenient storage!
  • Easy as 1-2-3 to hold open a door with FatIvan[R]!
  • (1) Open, (2) Hook/Slide, (3) Magnetized
  • Made in the USA and has a full five year warranty
Green, ea
Manufacturers Item #FIM-GREEN

Great for emergency services, commercial, industrial, residential and deliveries. When opened the hook Centers Itself allowing for a One Hand installation. The wings are made of 6-6 nylon, are very strong and heat rated. The 1/4" solid steel hook is case hardened and zinc plated.


  • The hook is locked in with a zinc plated 3-32 pin.
  • The hook easily slips over any standard hinge.
  • The tape is reflective and can easily be seen in a smoky environment when hit with a light.
  • Under the tape are two Rare Earth magnets that allow for convenient storage and three easy ways to hold open the door. Slipped over the hinge = 80 degrees open, magnetized to the hinge = 45 degrees open and magnetized to the lock plate allows the door to
  • It weighs only 5 oz.
  • All metal pars are zinc plated which makes the entire tool corrosion resistant.
  • The tool is sized to the same length of a standard hinge therefor eliminating distortion to the door.
  • Unlike other door chocks on the market the FatIvan does no damage to the door finish.
  • Ergonomically convenient as no bending is required.
  • Enhances productivity as it now only takes on e person to carry large loads through a door.
  • Cannot slip off the hinge when properly installed.
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