Covid Disinfecting Kit

Covid Disinfecting Kit

Item # 259749

  • Includes: 4 x 1 gal. case of Lemon All Disinfectant (diluted 8:1 for Covid-19), Kit-S-19102 Pad Cleaning Kit with hand trowel, pad bucket, wall frame, and 2 each of red, green, blue loop pads, white pad, low nap blue pad and glass cleaning pad.
  • A special pad for every surface to be cleaned.
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Manufacturers Item #259749

Wall Washing, Cafeteria Table Cleaning, Classroom Desk Cleaning, Table and Counter Cleaning, Restroom Partition Cleaning, Window and Mirror Cleaning, White Board and Chalk Board Cleaning

Kit-S-19102 Pad Cleaning Kit:

  • Kit includes: (4) Gal. Lemon All 1 Disinfectant, diluted 8:1 for COVID-19.
  • 1 ea. #HT8 Hand Trowel
  • 1 ea. #WW8 Wall Frame
  • 1 ea. #S19102 Pad Bucket
  • 1 ea. #AHAN2

Pad Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • 2 each LOOP10RED Red Loop Pads
  • 2 each LOOP10BLU Blue Loop Pads
  • 2 each LOOP10GRE Green Loop Pads
  • 2 each PAD10 White Pad
  • 2 each PAD11BLU Low Nap Blue Pad
  • 2 each GC Pads Glass Cleaning Pads
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