Genesan™ Boss Pro-128 Disinfection Sprayer

Genesan™ Boss Pro-128 Disinfection Sprayer

Item # 261213

  • Engineered specifically for disinfection application, durability, and end user ergonomics.
  • Superior precision spray pattern allows for proper dwell time with optimal coverage
  • 18V DC lithium ion battery
  • Continuous run time: 1.5 H High flow/4 H low flow
  • 90 minute battery recharge time
  • 2 speed motor
  • Quick release dripless brass connectors
Manufacturers Item #GEN1209

1 Case Includes: (1) applicator with 2 speed flow switch, (1) detachable trigger gun assembly, (1) extension wand assembly, (1) 120V AC fast charger, (1) 18 V DC battery, (1) low flow pin and cone spray tip, (1) low flow fan spray tip, (1) screen check valve.


  • Ideal for 10 minute dwell times. Soft flow technology with sub-100 micron droplet size.
  • Built for durability with brass nozzle, stainless wand components, heavy diaphragm pump, viton seals.
  • Extended run times. Each sprayer comes with 2 18V lithium ion batteries.
  • Ergonomic design. 1 gallon tank size with handheld or backpack capabilities.
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